Friday, April 4, 2014

Just a quick update

Hello all, if you are reading this, you have nothing better to do with your time.

I (D of Nazroth) have no activity to report, I am busy with work and school.

  Shane Church, also known as Lurker of Nazroth, Toil, & Frail (just to name a few) is still busy, he now runs Amnesia Program and is doing well in the world of harsh noise under the project title "Hostage Pageant" 

Brian, EP of Nazroth, is busy as usual always recording songs and working on new material. Let's hope we can get some of it released this year.

There has been talk among Brian and I of doing a new project, making time for it will be the hard part. 

 Spoke to Jason from Graveless Slumber Records, he will be going on tour soon so check to see what's up with that. (Sorry but looks like is down at the moment, so I linked you to the bandcamp site)

 Also heard from Ed from Misanthropy & Satans Millinneium Records Vinland. We were lucky enough to work with Ed in the Nazroth days and several other things some of the guys from GHR are associated with. Ed said Misanthropy and SMR Vinland "are not dead, just on hold" we will keep hoping for their return.

That's it for the update, just wanted to keep anyone out there interested informed as to what is coming in the near future.


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